Monday, July 24, 2017

Circle Orboros: Commission Part 2

Continuing on with models from the Circle commission work I did. It was cool painting some different models and using some colors I haven't in a while.

First up is Kaya 2 and Laris. A little more time was spent on these 2 models as requested by the customer.

Next up is a Tharn White Mane solo. This was a quicker, tabletop quality paint job.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Circle Orboros: Commission Part 1

Over the last few years I've been asked many times if I do commission work or would consider doing it. My answer has always been no as I've always preferred to concentrate on working on my own models. This hobby can be addicting and it's VERY easy to get buried in a ton of unpainted plastic and metal.

For some reason this time I decided to say yes to doing a small commission in trade for a friend's Convergence army and a handful of Malifaux models.

Started things off with a Tharn Solo

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Blood Rage: Raven Clan

I finally picked this game up this year after being turned on to it at Templecon 2016 last year. For one piece board game miniatures the quality is pretty great and the monsters are very good. Looking forward to putting some paint on to those. In the meantime I did a speed paint job on my favorite of the four clans in the base game.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Back From the Dead

Wow, and just like that 5 months goes by without a single blog post! For shame!

I certainly haven't been as busy as I have been at times with the hobby but my work hasn't come to a stand still just my blog posting.

You should see a series of posts cropping up over the next couple weeks with what I've been up to over the last several months. In the mean time here's a few teaser shots.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Legion Blighted Nyss Shepherd Speed Painted

With the Mk3 field allowance change to shepherds I picked up a third awhile back. Need it for some lists so thus need it painted. I've already painted this model twice and didn't care to spend a ton of time on it so I just went the quick speed paint route and did this in about an hour. Eh, it's got paint on it.

Legion: Lylyth, Reckoning of Everblight

Lylyth 3 has been all the hotness in Legion since the start of Mk 3. I picked up the model right around then but it's taken me quite awhile to get around to getting it all assembled and painted. Finally got it all finished and I'm looking forward to getting some games in with her.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Imperial Assault: Leia Organa

Picked up the Leia expansion pack for IA awhile back with a few others and finally got around to painting it. The miniatures for IA are hit and miss and the quality is pretty poor in comparison with actual miniature manufacturers but it's a board game and hey it's still Star Wars and that makes it cool.
I don't take a ton of time painting these miniatures since even a stellar paint job can only make a mediocre miniature look so good but for the time spent it looks just fine.