Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Gaslands: First cars done

Haven't even played a game yet but it's been fun and a nice change of pace from painting Warmachine or Malifuax miniatures. Getting some vehicles done and ready for the table.

And a before shot

I tore the truck apart, stripped the paint, jacked up the height to use larger wheels, and added in grates where the windows were using drywall tape. Going forward I won't be using that again. It works okay but not great. After that I added some weaponry in the back using a piece of sprue, zip ties, some brass rod, and spear quiver from Hordes miniatures.

For paint I weathered it trying the salt and hairspray technique for the first time. It came out okay but I'll do it much better next time. Then I just did a black wash and added additional rust and dirt effects.

Chose this one for my next vehicle since it was almost ready straight out of the package.

I didn't get a shot of this one beforehand but I did very little to it; the paint was already pretty good so I left it as well. I did do a brown wash over it and added rust, bare metal, and dirt effects after. I also added the three spikes to the front and the front and rear windshield grating.


Been following the Mad Max inspired game Gaslands for the last several weeks; watching battle reports, joined the FB group, and recently picked up the rulebook as well as some hot wheels and matchbox cars to convert.

I also dug around in my bits box for things that I could use to get that Mad Max look happening. Found some things that should work but I'll have to get creative with what I've got and do a bit of scratch building probably.

Game looks like a ton of fun and I'm looking forward to playing my first games soon after I get my first cars done.

Convergence of Cyriss: Transfinite Emergence Projector

Having fun taking a break from playing Legion to dip into Convergence for awhile. Finally getting around to posting the remainder of what I've finished up to this point. The TEP is Convergence's power piece and a pretty cool model to boot. My opponents are glad that I'm only running one of these in my lists at the moment.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Convergence of Cyriss: Optifex Directive

Fixers gonna fix. Can't run a jack heavy faction like Convergence without these boys and their wrenches.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Convergence of Cyriss: Galvanizers

This blog is going to be very blue very awhile as I'm finishing up model after model on my speed painting Convergence project. What's an Axis list without at least a couple Galvanizers?