Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Assembling Protectorate

     The plan was to assemble the Protectorate half of the battlebox and sell the Khador half; so I got busy. I started with the warcaster, Kreoss and the first heavy warjack. I wanted my bases to look a little more dynamic, so I went out in the front yard and searched for pieces of wood or stone that would work nicely for spicing up my bases a little.

    This first piece I planned on using for Kreoss since it was good size for the base and relatively flat on top for mounting the miniature on. This is just a piece of wood I found in the yard. I cut a notch in the top of it with an xacto for the slot on the model to nicely slide into.

The next piece I used was a much larger piece of wood that I planned on mounting the warjack on. First I glued the piece onto the plastic base. After that dried, I set the assembled jack legs onto the top of the rock and traced an outline of each foot on top of the wood piece.

Next I drilled two small holes through both the wood and the base and than slid two small finish nails through the holes.

I then cut the nails to the desired length I needed them to be.

I then drilled a small hole in the bottom of the jacks feet in the appropriate points to line up with my pins on the base as deep as I could without punching through the top of the foot.

Lastly, I slid him into place on the pegs I created and glued him down. I also used superglue and epoxy putty to help secure the finish nails in place through the base and piece of wood.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Just Want to Play

     It's been really hard to find Warhammer Fantasy players to play my Vampire Counts army with, but I did manage to find a very strong group of Warmachine players that play every Monday at my local game shop, Clockwork Comics in Orange, CT. I love painting minis but half the fun of painting them is knowing you get to field them in games. So, after a bit of research I went with the best bang for the buck to get into Warmachine and bought the 2 player battle box for $75 on ebay and planned to play the Protectorate of Menoth half of the box. I downloaded the quick start rules previously and played a couple proxy games against myself to help me understand the game. I'm impressed with the contents of the box. You get roughly 20pts of models for both Protectorate of Menoth and Khador as well as a mini rulebook, a guide to get you started understanding your models and the game a little better, and a mini issue of No Quarter (Privateer Press' Warmachine magazine).

Friday, April 13, 2012

More ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!! (April 2012)

     So, the remainder of the Undead models in the Mhorgoth's Revenge set are the 10 ghouls. However, I just don't see enough distinction between these models and the zombie models to call them ghouls. Sooooo, they will be MORE ZOMBIES!

Here are a couple pics of some models base coated only

and the finished unit of 10

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

ZOMBIES!!!!!!! (April 2012)

     After finishing my unit of skeletons I was really happy with the way they turned out and also in the way the polyshade had performed in adding depth and highlighting to the model in one quick and easy step. Next I wanted to get a start on my zombies. I planned on using the same technique I did with the skeletons, base coat all colors, polyshade, paint and flock the base, matte spray the whole model. Here was my first test model first just basecoated and then shown finished.

After using matte spray on the model to dull down the polyshade gloss finish, I decided I still wanted the blood and guts to look fresh, so I carefully went back over the bloody bits with a gloss clear varnish after.

     I was very satisfied with the test model and proceeded to paint up the other 19 zombies I had with a similar technique. I wanted them all to look as different as possible though so I used a variety of colors on the clothing and tried out several different shades for flesh colors. I had a lot of fun painting this unit and it went very quick for 20 models. Painting blood and gore just never gets old I guess.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Vampiress (April 2012)

     I needed a vampire to lead my army. My plan had been to pick up a new model at some point to use, but I instead I decided I would "restore" my vampiress model I had from the now defunct miniature skirmish game, "Mordheim". I started by stripping off all the old paint by letting the model soak in rubbing alcohol for a few hours and then using a stiff bristled brush and an xacto knife to get the paint out of the harder to reach crevices. I also removed it from the original base and added some rocks to a Mantic base, before gluing her in place on top. I wasn't satisfied with the way her robe looked from the back. When the model was simply on a flat base it looked fine because the robe simply stopped at the top of the base. However, having the model elevated on top of a rock, the back of her robe looked funny without anything for it to "rest" on. So, I used some green stuff putty and extended her robe so it flowed down the rocks.

here's the end product

The Undead Rise (April 2012)

After doing a few test skeletons, I came up with a pretty good system to knock out the rest of the unit.

I did the banner by printing off this image from the Vampire Counts 7th edition army book scaled down. Then I carefully painted around the skull and wings image with red to match the rest of the unit and a bit of highlighting and weathering. Next, I varnished it with a clear varnish to make it more durable so it wouldn't tear. Finally just glued the top to the standard.