Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Assembling Protectorate

     The plan was to assemble the Protectorate half of the battlebox and sell the Khador half; so I got busy. I started with the warcaster, Kreoss and the first heavy warjack. I wanted my bases to look a little more dynamic, so I went out in the front yard and searched for pieces of wood or stone that would work nicely for spicing up my bases a little.

    This first piece I planned on using for Kreoss since it was good size for the base and relatively flat on top for mounting the miniature on. This is just a piece of wood I found in the yard. I cut a notch in the top of it with an xacto for the slot on the model to nicely slide into.

The next piece I used was a much larger piece of wood that I planned on mounting the warjack on. First I glued the piece onto the plastic base. After that dried, I set the assembled jack legs onto the top of the rock and traced an outline of each foot on top of the wood piece.

Next I drilled two small holes through both the wood and the base and than slid two small finish nails through the holes.

I then cut the nails to the desired length I needed them to be.

I then drilled a small hole in the bottom of the jacks feet in the appropriate points to line up with my pins on the base as deep as I could without punching through the top of the foot.

Lastly, I slid him into place on the pegs I created and glued him down. I also used superglue and epoxy putty to help secure the finish nails in place through the base and piece of wood.