Monday, September 29, 2014

Terrorgheist/Zombie Dragon WIP update

Been making progress on this model very slowly. It's a big model and I just haven't had the time lately to put much time into finishing it. Decided I needed a milestone in the process so I finished up a section of the model, the Zombie Dragon head/neck. I wanted to go with something other than black for the crumbling, rotting skin and I thought the blue would look different and stand out a bit. Once the entire model is finished I'll be adding some blood and gore to spice things up a bit but otherwise this is what the entire model will look like. For those that read the previous WIP post on this model, I did considerable amount of cutting and modifying on the ZD head/neck which consisted of removing the entire original saddle and 3 or 4 rows of spine. The saddle you see on this piece was added, sculpted, and made entirely of milliput. Hope to get some time to finish this model in a couple weeks after midterms are over.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Avatar of Menoth Conversion: Finished.....for now

This conversion has actually been painted and finished for quite some time now but I've never posted it because I had plans to go back and change a few minor things but after several months I just can't seem to get back to it with all the other models that need my attention. So, here it is. I think it looks pretty great and I'm very pleased with it. It's not perfect and I probably would do a thing or two different if I did it again but overall I think it turned out pretty good. Quite a few people have said that they think the mid section needs a bit more attention and beefed up a bit. I was planning on going back to pay a little more attention to that and I probably will at some point but in the mean time it's done enough and looks great on the table.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dwarf Runesmith and BEARDS!

I recently got the rest of my Dwarf army assembled and at least for the mean time was just planning on using a couple of the more unique heads of the grunts, spicing them up a bit, and using them as my characters for the army. One night I just randomly decided to try my hand at sculpting some more proper beards for these fellas as the beards on the models are a bit on the short side, which is one of the major complaints about the Mantic line of Dwarf models. For some dumb and unknown reason I decided to use the models I'd planned to use as my Runesmith and Thane battle standard bearer as guinea pigs. I almost immediately regretted this when I first put the putty in place on the models, thinking "Oh shit, these are never going to look good." However, I pressed on and with relative, surprisingly moderate effort I managed to sculpt something pretty decent. After that I couldn't wait to get one painted to see the final product. So, here's my Runesmith all finished complete with a proper, massive beard.

I managed to forget to take a before picture of this model but here's a different model with the same head so that you can see the difference with and without the added beard.

And some WIP and before and after pics