Friday, February 26, 2016

Wraith Witch Deneghra Conversion

I did up this conversion several months ago and never managed to post up pics for it. With the Deneghra 2 resculpt now on the horizon, this conversion isn't nearly as cool but I think it's still WAY better than the old sculpt.
Anyone who has seen the model for Wraith Witch Deneghra knows that it is god awful. There is a thread that pops up about it on the forums every few months. I knew that I could also not abide this terrible assault on my senses. I thought of a lot of different ideas and settled on using Lylyth 1 as the base for the conversion. After a LOT of hacking and dry fitting, followed by a bunch of putty work to try and clean up the joints, she's ready for primer.

Hordes Feralgheist

Been meaning to pick up this model as an alternative 1 point model to a spell martyr. Been making use of this in my Lylyth 2 list. Didn't spend much time at all on this, green wash and dry brush makes up most of the "work" but sells a solid incorporeal look.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Legion Nephilim Bolt Thrower

What's a Lylyth 2 list without a bolt thrower? I've since picked up a second one of these guys and will be getting to painting him soon... ish.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lylyth Shadow of Everblight

Getting caught up on my posting. With season 3 of ADR hitting in January I was excited to play in some tournaments with Vayl 1 and this was a perfect excuse to starting playing epic Lylyth as my pairing with Vayl. I purchased a handful of models to fill out the two lists I was going to use and started in painting Lylyth first.

2015:A Resolution Concluded

It's been awhile since I've posted.
At the beginning of 2015 I made a resolution to try to paint all the models that I own while minimizing miniature purchases throughout the year. I wish I could say that I was 100 % successful in this endeavor. Though I did come very close and painted 250 models throughout the year, I came up 53 models short of my goal. Below is the final breakdown of models that I own that began the year unpainted or were purchased during the year (*). 

Warmachine: Menoth 29 models

*Anson Durst 1 model
Exemplar Errants w/ UA 12 models
Temple Flameguard 10 models
Choir of Menoth 2 models
Attendant Priest 1 model
pFeora 1 model
Order of the Fist 1 model
*eSeverius 1 model

Warmachine: Cryx 31 models

*eDeneghra 1 model
*Goreshade 3 1 model
*Crabjack Kit 1 model
*Nightwretch  1 model
*Nightwretch 1 model
*Warwitch Siren x2 2 models
*Skarlock Thrall 1 model
*Bane Thralls w/ UA 12 models
*Bane Riders 5 models
*Aikos 1 model
*Deathjack 1 model
*Scrap Thralls 3 models
*Tartarus 1 model

Warmachine: Mercenaries 4 models

Forge Guard 4 models

Hordes: Legion 30 models

pLylyth 1 model
*pVayl 1 model
*Succubus 1 model
*Zuriel 1 model
*Seraph/Neraph Kit 1 model
*Heavy Beast Kit 1 model
Warspear Chieftain 1 model
Shepherd 1 model
Stinger 1 model
4 lesser warbeasts 4 models
Legionnaires 10 models
Spawning Vessel 7 models

Warhammer: Vampire Counts 62 models

Zombie Dragon/Terrorgheist 1 model
Vampire Lord 1 model
Strigoi Ghoul King 1 model
Dire Wolves 10 models
Crypt Horrors 5 models
Varghulf 1 model
Skeletons 23 models
Grave Guard 20 models

Warhammer: Dwarves 97 models

Thane BSB 1 model
Warriors 26 models
Hammerers 30 models
Quarellers 20 models
Thunderers 10 models
2 Organ Guns/Cannons w/ Crews 8 models
2 Grudge Throwers 2 models

Warhammer 40K: Dark Angels 31 models

Belial 1 model
Chapter Master 1 model
Librarian 1 model
Captain 1 model
Dreadnoughts 2 models
Terminators 5 models
Terminators 14 models
Ravenwing Attack Squad 6 models

Shadows of Brimstone: 17 Models

Hellbats 6 models
Tentacles 6 models
Slashers 3 models
Lawman 1 model
Preacher 1 model

Malifaux: Guild 2 models

Lady Justice 1 model
Judge 1 model

Total: 303 models 
Finished models: 250
Unfinished models: 53

Starting up Cryx turned out to be the major downfall of not completing my goal. I purchased 31 Cryx models this year. It is worth pointing out though that the net number of models that I started this year with and ended didn't really change. I ended up selling off a handful of Space Marines and giving some of my dwarf models away as a Christmas gift for my nephew. Though I came up a little short, I'm pretty satisfied with the amount of work I accomplished and will be carrying on with trying to get everything done in the first half of 2016.