Friday, March 28, 2014

Avatar of Menoth Conversion WIP: The Shield

This model needs a LOT of love. After effectively making the model much taller the shield just looks far too small. Plasticard to the rescue!

I started with a really thin piece that easily bent to the contour of the shield and glued it to the backside (sorry no pic). Then using two thick pieces (about 3/32") I pinned them together in the middle and glued them to the thin sheet and the edge of the shield. I also had to add a couple thin layers at the bottom of the shield (not shown in pic) to make up the difference in depth.

I then sketched out the shape of my shield and used my dremel to trim and sand it to shape.

Finally, added some putty to fill in any gaps. Let it dry and then sanded it all smooth.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Avatar of Menoth WIP: The Sword

    Work on the Avatar has been somewhat long and labor intensive but it's coming along. Here's what the sword is looking like. I started by cutting off the tip of the sword and then sketched out the shape I wanted to use to extend the sword on a thick piece of plasticard. I then cut out my shape and added a couple layers of super thin plasticard cut concentrically smaller to get the proper thickness and rough shape. 

I  used my dremel to sand the piece into shape. Then I pinned and glued it onto the lower sword half and puttied in the gaps. 

Progress so far

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Avatar of Menoth Conversion WIP

      As many of us know the Avatar rules wise is one of the best Warjacks in the game. However, most would agree that its model is most certainly not. It's short, stumpy, and has a butter knife for a sword. There are plenty of conversions of this model on the internet of varying different levels. Here's the beginnings of my efforts. The idea is to extend all the limbs while reposing them to a more dynamic pose. The torso will be receiving an extension as well and lastly the sword will be getting some work done on it as well. Hopefully when it's all finished the model can better represent how awesome it performs on the table.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Legion Heavy Beast #2

   Finished this model up almost two weeks ago now but just been busy and haven't had a chance to post. Both this one and the first beast I posted up awhile back are magnetized so they can act as either a Ravagore, Carnivean, or a Scythean.