Monday, January 19, 2015

Legion Stinger Conversion

I did this Stinger conversion last year and just never got a chance to come back to paint it. Finally getting to it and while it's not the cleanest conversion, I think it works and the broken through ice base was fun to do.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Ogrun Warspear Chieftain

This is a fantastic model and I felt the need to give it a good paint job. I spent WAY too much time on this but I'm very happy with the way it's turned out. Model 2 of 310 for the year finished, Ha!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lylyth, Herald of Everblight

With the start of a Journeyman League last week at my LGS, Legion will be getting the first batch of models painted for 2015. Starting off the year is Lylyth whom I'll be playing for the duration of the league.

2015: A Resolution

Though I haven't posted for awhile I've still been busy with projects. I've been bouncing around from Vampire Counts to Dwarves, back to Vampire Counts, over to Legion, quick stop at Menoth, and back to Legion again but finishing nothing.
For 2015 I've set a painting resolution for myself. I've got quite a few unpainted models, granted a very modest amount to many people's standards but to someone like me too many models that have not received the care of a decent paint job. So, the idea is for every model I wish to purchase I must first paint 30 models before doing so. It sounds like a tall order but I'm confident I can stick to it and by the end of this year every model I own will be painted. 
So, lets break down what I have to be painted.

Warmachine: Menoth 27 models

Exemplar Errants w/ UA 12 models
Temple Flameguard 10 models
Choir of Menoth 2 models
Attendant Priest 1 model
pFeora 1 model
Order of the Fist 1 model

Warmachine: Mercenaries 4 models

Forge Guard 4 models

Hordes: Legion 25 models

pLylyth 1 model
Warspear Chieftain 1 model
Shepherd 1 model
Stinger 1 model
4 lesser warbeasts 4 models
Legionnaires 10 models
Spawning Vessel 7 models

Warhammer: Vampire Counts 62 models

Zombie Dragon/Terrorgheist 1 model
Vampire Lord 1 model
Strigoi Ghoul King 1 model
Dire Wolves 10 models
Crypt Horrors 5 models
Varghulf 1 model
Skeletons 23 models
Grave Guard 20 models

Warhammer: Dwarves 135 models

Thane BSB 1 model
Warriors 40 models
Hammerers 30 models
Quarellers 30 models
Thunderers 10 models
2 Organ Guns w/ Crews 8 models
2 Cannons w/ Crews 8 models
2 Grudge Throwers w/ Crews 8 models

Warhammer 40K: Dark Angels 55 models

Belial 1 model
Chapter Master 1 model
Librarian 1 model
Captain 1 model
Rhinos 4 models
Dreadnoughts 2 models
2 Tactical Squads 20 models
Terminators 19 models
Ravenwing Attack Squad 6 models

Malifaux: Guild 2 models

Lady Justice 1 model
Judge 1 model

Total: 310 models 
Max number of models purchased: 10

Okay, so that's a lot of models and nearly overwhelming but it can be done! I estimate I painted around 100 models in 2014 however many of those models were to a high standard and most of the models to be painted are rank and file Warhammer models which I only paint to a table top standard. I have high hopes to accomplish this task. I guess we'll see at the end of the year.