Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cryx: Dock Basing Test

I purchased the Cryx all in one box when it first hit over the summer. With a Journeyman League starting up at my LGS next week, I'm getting around to planning my scheme. This will be my third Warmachine/Hordes army and I'm trying to incorporate a new theme into each army. For this army I wanted to come up with a dock/harbor basing scheme. I've never done this kind of basing so I'll be experimenting a lot to see what works.
For the wooden dock I'm going to try using stamped putty pieces that I made using the happy seppuku base stamps I have. This is my first test base that will be used for my nightwretch and will be filled in with the water effect that I end up settling on.

I did a fair bit of research into different water effects and decided to try 2 part epoxy glue as my water effect first since I already had some for other applications. I'm trying to go for a muddy, murky water. Here are a couple examples of what I've come up with so far.
The first test has the base painted a greenish brown and a little bit of chestnut ink mixed into the epoxy.

My next two tests has a similar under paint but this time I mixed a little nuln oil wash into the epoxy for one half of the base and agrax earthshade wash onto the other. The difference is subtle and the camera has a little bit of a hard time picking it up.

I'm kind of thinking somewhere in between the first test and this last one is what I'm shooting for. Let me know what you guys think or if you have any suggestions.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Dwarf War Machines and Crews

Some more speed painted Dwarves here. This time I've got a couple grudge throwers, an organ gun, and a cannon. The organ gun and cannon tops can be swapped out to be either a second organ gun or a second cannon. All that's left now for my dwarves are 20 Quarrelers and a Thane BSB.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dwarf Thunderers

Had a little bit of time to do some painting this past weekend. With most of the base coats already down from the airbrush, the brush work goes pretty fast. A lot of people don't like the Mantic Dwarves miniatures and the short beards are a big reason why. I don't really mind the beards but I must admit that this sculpt for the Thunderer/Quarreler sculpt is not that great with a lot of the detail around the head, gun/bow, and arms kind of just blending into each other without any clear definition between them. I've tried my best to try and alleviate that as much as possible with clean defined paint lines, heavy shadow, and of course carefully chosen photography angles. There is another sculpt for this model but for these 10 Thunderers, there is just the one among them. Next up in the painting queue will be some dwarf war machines and crews.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Dwarf Hammerers

It's been tough to find much time to paint lately. Life happens and miniature painting goes to the wayside. I'm still holding out hope to finish painting my collection before year's end but that is looking less likely. We'll see. If I can get a few days where all I do is paint, I can bang out a lot of work. Anyways, here's the latest finished models, 30 Dwarf Hammerers. Again, just a tabletop quality here. Went with a golden/brass armor so that between the hammers and the armor they'd be more distinguishable from the warrior models.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hordes Devastation Event Custom Objective

I recently attended the Hordes Devastation Release Event. One way to earn extra points for the event prior to it was to create a custom objective for your army. Doing so netted you 4 points so I thought it'd be a pretty easy way to get some extra points. The event used a one time scenario just for the event utilizing 120 mm objectives. I came up with the idea to make an objective to match my ice themed army. The idea was to make a snowy objective that looked like there was ice sunk down into the snow in the shape of the Legion of Everblight symbol.
I started with 2 CDs glued together to make the proper size base. For those that don't know a CD or DVD is exactly 120 mm. I then took some thin white craft foam cut it to fit the CD. I then printed off the Legion symbol the size I wanted, carefully cut it out to form a stencil, and sprayed the symbol onto the white foam disc.

I glued the foam onto the disc and cut the symbol out once again this time out of the foam.

Almost there. Finally I painted in a bluish color to fill the symbol area.

And lastly I added white snow flock and clear crackle paint for the icy symbol. Went to the event and ended up bringing home the event champion coin!

Here's one last close up shot of the ice