Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Color Scheme and Brushing Polyshade (March 2012)

     After spending a couple weeks cutting all the minis off the sprues (both the undead and dwarves) and assembling them. This was no small task and almost drove me crazy cutting every miniature from the sprue, gluing them together, cleaning mold lines, etc.. I decided to start my painting with the unit of skeletons.
     I really liked the effect the polyshade created on reds on the test models which is awesome being that I love red and it goes well in an undead army. I also decided to try and "paint" on the polyshade this time in order to control the amount applied and to better control pools of it in places.
     I wanted a simple paint scheme as I was  planning on painting up quite a few skeletons and this was also going to be an experiment in how fast I could paint up a unit of skellies to a descent standard. I chose scab red to be my main color throughout the unit. This would be the colors of their tattered robes and their shields. I did a test model using scab red, a silver roughly equivalent to chainmail, and a green equivalent to goblin green(eyes). The color of the bone was left primer white.

     This was my first test skeleton and is shown after painting on the polyshade and letting it dry. The only thing I did to it after using the polyshade, was lightly dry brush the edge of the shield and the chainmail. I was really happy with the way it turned out and settled on using this color scheme to complete the unit.

I only used three colors on the skeletons in order to make painting as fast as possible. The below pic shows a skeleton completely base coated but without the polyshade applied yet.