Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First Efforts (2008)

     To kick things off I'm going to share a bit of my experience of getting involved in the hobby of war gaming and miniature painting. Back in 2008 I worked for Hobbytown and on a whim I picked up the "Battle for Skull Pass" box set and a few paints that I needed. I actually already had a descent amount of craft paints and brushes from having worked for an art supply warehouse in the late 90's (amazing how long paints can last). I got a pretty great discount and I'd always wanted to play Warhammer, but could never afford the cost really. Well, I did get to work on assembling and painting the goblin army and made some good progress for awhile. I even picked up a box of Black Orcs to paint up. However, after awhile I grew tired of it and I put it away for almost 4 years without ever having played 1 game or finished painting the army.

Here are some pics of my initial efforts. The pics are new but I haven't touched these for over 4 years.