Monday, October 28, 2013

Guardian Warjack Conversion

With my bits order of halberds for my Cinerators conversion, I picked up a few Guardian bits as well to make my Crusader jack a Guardian also. Pretty easy conversion and I'm not worried about all the decorative filigree and what not. I think the lance and banners scream Guardian just fine without all the rest. I did get the arcnode bit as well but I may or may not use it. The idea though was to pin the lance and banners so that I can still switch it back to use as a Crusader. I think it looks fine and there's no mistaking it for a different jack.

I just cut the mace head off, pinned it, and now I can still switch back to the mace

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pix from a couple games

Had two matchups against Khador yesterday and played against Butcher 3 for the first time. Both games I used Severius 1. Nearly assassinated Butch with Severius fully loaded on 9 focus (wrack) with death sentence cast on Butcher (rerolls to hit). Had some sub par attack rolls and not any great damage rolls and left him with 5 boxes. REALLY wanted to say I killed Butcher with the old man. Alas, it was not to be. 
Second game was versus a high armor Karchev list running three heavies and a min unit of shocktroopers and a min unit of demo corp. Close, grindy game but in the end between some zealot bombs, a couple Immolations, and a charging Blessing of Vengeance (my last jack left of three), Karchev fell.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cinerators to Bastions Conversion WIP

Sigh, I've been waiting, and waiting and......... waiting on Privateer Press to release a unit attachment or solo or something that made Cinerators worth using over Bastions. After a year and a half of waiting and nothing, I finally bit the bullet and just decided to convert them to Bastions. I really was hoping to use them as is since I love the models. Oh well, here goes. Lot's of people have done this conversion and done it a few different ways. This seemed the best way and I first saw the idea in this thread by Plarzoid. For this conversion the halberd from a Devout warjack was used. I just bits ordered them for $1.50 each. The work was relatively simple but still took a couple hours to get to this point. The halberds are just sitting in place and are not glued yet so they may be a bit wonky. I'll be using green stuff for adding some ribbons and filling in gaps where I reposed some arms, priming and painting, and then I'll glue everything together.

Here's the Devout halberd as it came

I then lined it up roughly with where the Cinerator's hands would grab it and cut it.

Used pins for putting everything together. This is a Cinerator hand with a pin through it.

Here's the first one done. Like I said it's a little wonky cause it's not glued

Here's all five. I'm planning on keeping the shields and gluing them on their backs like Plarzoid did but I think I'll keep just one up front.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vice Scrutator Vindictus

Haven't posted in a long time. Haven't really had the time to play or paint but squeezed in some time over the long holiday weekend to paint Vindictus for my Protectorate army.