Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cinerators to Bastions Conversion WIP

Sigh, I've been waiting, and waiting and......... waiting on Privateer Press to release a unit attachment or solo or something that made Cinerators worth using over Bastions. After a year and a half of waiting and nothing, I finally bit the bullet and just decided to convert them to Bastions. I really was hoping to use them as is since I love the models. Oh well, here goes. Lot's of people have done this conversion and done it a few different ways. This seemed the best way and I first saw the idea in this thread by Plarzoid. For this conversion the halberd from a Devout warjack was used. I just bits ordered them for $1.50 each. The work was relatively simple but still took a couple hours to get to this point. The halberds are just sitting in place and are not glued yet so they may be a bit wonky. I'll be using green stuff for adding some ribbons and filling in gaps where I reposed some arms, priming and painting, and then I'll glue everything together.

Here's the Devout halberd as it came

I then lined it up roughly with where the Cinerator's hands would grab it and cut it.

Used pins for putting everything together. This is a Cinerator hand with a pin through it.

Here's the first one done. Like I said it's a little wonky cause it's not glued

Here's all five. I'm planning on keeping the shields and gluing them on their backs like Plarzoid did but I think I'll keep just one up front.