Friday, November 20, 2015

Dwarf Thane Battle Standard Bearer

This Thane Battle Standard Bearer represents the last model to be painted in my dwarf army. All done! Time to move on to something else. The banner was done like most of my banners by printing out a design on paper, painting it, and affixing it in place. Next up to get some paint will probably be on a few Cryx models before delving into finishing up my Vampire Counts army.

Below you can see some WIP shots of the banner for my thane and quarrelers.

Dwarf Quarrelers

Just about finished up with my Dwarf army. Wrapping up with 20 Quarrelers and a Thane battle standard bearer to follow. Feels good to be completing an army.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Cryx: Nightwretch and dock basing

In a couple recent posts, (1, 2) I was testing out some ideas for a paint scheme and a basing scheme for my upcoming Cryx army. The first model I've painted up as a sort of test for the ideas is the Nightwretch. Most everything turned out the way I wanted it to so I'm liking the way it's looking and I think I can do a lot with the dock basing for future models.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween "1945": The Kiss

Another Halloween and another fun year of costuming with my amazing wife. She did a great job putting together our costumes. We had a lot of fun with these two characters.

Cryx Paint Scheme: Rusted Armor

Been thinking for awhile on what kind of paint scheme I want to paint my cryx army in. I still haven't settle on everything but I've known for awhile that I wanted to do a beat up rusty cryx. So, I've never done a chipped paint/rusty effect before and I always like to practice new techniques on test models. So this is the color scheme and my first attempt for how I'm looking at painting my jack's armor. Disregard the dragon head bits, just the center bluish/gray part. Thoughts?