Thursday, September 24, 2015

Finishing the Dwarves

I've switched over to Dwarves now in an attempt to get that army completely finished. I did finish a unit of Warriors/Longbeards back in March and I'm looking to finish the rest of the army. I spent a few hours on the airbrush blocking in a few of the large area base colors. This really saves on brush time later on. Here's 53 WIP dwarf models after airbrush work including 15 Hammerers, 20 Quarrelers, 10 Thunderers, 2 Organ Guns/Cannons w/ crews, and 2 Grudge Throwers with crews. Should be able to knock out these in a relatively quick manner.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Vampire Counts: Dire Wolves

Taking a break from finishing all my Space Marine models. Decided to get my dire wolves painted. Going to posting a fair bit of speed painted models for awhile as I'm trying to get my two Warhammer armies done as well as get all the models I own painted by year's end. Did this unit up in about 7 hours. Painting all the bone bits really slowed me down. They were fun to paint though. I love painting gory models.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

2015: A Resolution Update

Figured it was time for an update to my 2015 model painting resolution. Well, it's going....... not as great as I wanted. Below you can see a breakdown of what's been painted (black) and what's left (red). Models with an asterisk next to them have been models that were added or purchased since the first resolution post,
There's been a few changes with some subtractions and some additions. Net models, I've only created 7 more models to paint then I started the year off with. Many of these models came from raffles or prize support from leagues and tournaments.

Painting has been a bit slow but I'm also knocking out all my Warmachine/Hordes models first and those models take more time as I paint them to a pretty high standard. I also speed painted 17 models from the Shadows of Brimstone board game which I don't count towards my miniature collection. Now, I've just started back in on the Warhammer Fantasy and 40K stuff again. Things will progress much faster as I tend to not spend as much time per model on big units of models.

So, will finish all my models before year's end? Probably not but maybe. Either way I'm going to continue painting with very very minimal purchasing.

Warmachine: Menoth 29 models

*Anson Durst 1 model
Exemplar Errants w/ UA 12 models
Temple Flameguard 10 models
Choir of Menoth 2 models
Attendant Priest 1 model
pFeora 1 model
Order of the Fist 1 model
*eSeverius 1 model

Warmachine: Cryx 26 models

*eDeneghra 1 model
*Goreshade 3 1 model
*Crabjack Kit 1 model
*Nightwretch x2 2 models
*Warwitch Siren x2 2 models
*Skarlock Thrall 1 model
*Bane Thralls w/ UA 12 models
*Bane Riders 5 models
*Aikos 1 model

Warmachine: Mercenaries 4 models

Forge Guard 4 models

Hordes: Legion 30 models

pLylyth 1 model
*pVayl 1 model
*Succubus 1 model
*Zuriel 1 model
*Seraph/Neraph Kit 1 model
*Heavy Beast Kit 1 model
Warspear Chieftain 1 model
Shepherd 1 model
Stinger 1 model
4 lesser warbeasts 4 models
Legionnaires 10 models
Spawning Vessel 7 models

Warhammer: Vampire Counts 62 models

Zombie Dragon/Terrorgheist 1 model
Vampire Lord 1 model
Strigoi Ghoul King 1 model
Dire Wolves 10 models
Crypt Horrors 5 models
Varghulf 1 model
Skeletons 23 models
Grave Guard 20 models

Warhammer: Dwarves 133 models

Thane BSB 1 model
Warriors 26 models
Warriors 12 models
Hammerers 30 models
Quarellers 30 models
Thunderers 10 models
2 Organ Guns w/ Crews 8 models
2 Cannons w/ Crews 8 models
2 Grudge Throwers w/ Crews 8 models

Warhammer 40K: Dark Angels 31 models

Belial 1 model
Chapter Master 1 model
Librarian 1 model
Captain 1 model
Dreadnoughts 2 models
Terminators 5 models
Terminators 14 models
Ravenwing Attack Squad 6 models

Malifaux: Guild 2 models

Lady Justice 1 model
Judge 1 model

Total: 317 models 
Finished models: 103
Unfinished models: 214