Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Vampiress (April 2012)

     I needed a vampire to lead my army. My plan had been to pick up a new model at some point to use, but I instead I decided I would "restore" my vampiress model I had from the now defunct miniature skirmish game, "Mordheim". I started by stripping off all the old paint by letting the model soak in rubbing alcohol for a few hours and then using a stiff bristled brush and an xacto knife to get the paint out of the harder to reach crevices. I also removed it from the original base and added some rocks to a Mantic base, before gluing her in place on top. I wasn't satisfied with the way her robe looked from the back. When the model was simply on a flat base it looked fine because the robe simply stopped at the top of the base. However, having the model elevated on top of a rock, the back of her robe looked funny without anything for it to "rest" on. So, I used some green stuff putty and extended her robe so it flowed down the rocks.

here's the end product