Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Just Want to Play

     It's been really hard to find Warhammer Fantasy players to play my Vampire Counts army with, but I did manage to find a very strong group of Warmachine players that play every Monday at my local game shop, Clockwork Comics in Orange, CT. I love painting minis but half the fun of painting them is knowing you get to field them in games. So, after a bit of research I went with the best bang for the buck to get into Warmachine and bought the 2 player battle box for $75 on ebay and planned to play the Protectorate of Menoth half of the box. I downloaded the quick start rules previously and played a couple proxy games against myself to help me understand the game. I'm impressed with the contents of the box. You get roughly 20pts of models for both Protectorate of Menoth and Khador as well as a mini rulebook, a guide to get you started understanding your models and the game a little better, and a mini issue of No Quarter (Privateer Press' Warmachine magazine).