Wednesday, April 4, 2012

ZOMBIES!!!!!!! (April 2012)

     After finishing my unit of skeletons I was really happy with the way they turned out and also in the way the polyshade had performed in adding depth and highlighting to the model in one quick and easy step. Next I wanted to get a start on my zombies. I planned on using the same technique I did with the skeletons, base coat all colors, polyshade, paint and flock the base, matte spray the whole model. Here was my first test model first just basecoated and then shown finished.

After using matte spray on the model to dull down the polyshade gloss finish, I decided I still wanted the blood and guts to look fresh, so I carefully went back over the bloody bits with a gloss clear varnish after.

     I was very satisfied with the test model and proceeded to paint up the other 19 zombies I had with a similar technique. I wanted them all to look as different as possible though so I used a variety of colors on the clothing and tried out several different shades for flesh colors. I had a lot of fun painting this unit and it went very quick for 20 models. Painting blood and gore just never gets old I guess.