Monday, August 13, 2012

More Vampire Counts: Spirit Host, Varghulf, and Necromancer

Continuing on with my latest inspiration to get my Vampire Counts army fleshed out a bit more and painted, I  finished one of my Spirit Host models, my Necromancer, and got a start on my Varghulf.

I really don't like the Games Workshop Spirit Host model, so I went looking for a better alternative. This is a  Reaper model and I absolutely love it. It was pretty easy to paint as well and the finished product looks good.

This is an old Necromancer model from the line of models for Mordheim that I had sitting around only primed for over a decade. Finally had a good reason to paint him.

Here is a WIP of my Varghulf proxy. This is also a Reaper mini. I do actually like the GW Varghulf model, I just don't like the price. This is much cheaper alternative and I really love the model.
I wanted the model to sit up a little higher so I had to do a little basing to lift it up. I ended up using jb weld as I was out of green stuff. It worked just fine actually.