Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hosting Games at my Place

     After getting some games in at Clockwork, I decided to post up an invite on our google group to host some games at my new place. I got some interested responses and within a week I hosted a couple guys from our gaming group at my place. I went out that morning to grab some extra hardboard for a makeshift extra table so we could have two games going. Unfortunately, our fourth person couldn't make it so we were stuck with an odd number. We decided to go with small games of 15pts since Jimmy this is only going to be Jimmy's second or third game. I sat out the first game and let Jimmy and Carrington play a game. There game went a bit long but I helped Jim learn his army a bit. Second game, I played Carrington and that went much faster.
     Overall, it was a good night and I hope to do some more soon.