Sunday, January 26, 2014

50 pt Steamroller 2014 at Clockwork Comics

     Clockwork Comics in Orange, CT hosted it's first Steamroller of the new year with the brand new Steamroller 2014 rules and scenarios on January 25 2014. One of our local Press Ganger's here in CT, Dan Berger was kind enough to run the event after our other Press Ganger, Dan Mirandi at the last minute had to tend to some family matters. We had a good and varied turnout with 10 players consisting of two Protectorate of Menoth, two Cryx, two Khador, two Circle Orboros, and two Legion players. Everyone had a good time. I wish I could have played a little better but I had fun and went 1-2 for the day. After three rounds we still had two undefeated players and the decision was made to call the event and split the prize support. Congratulations Will and Pat and thanks to Berger for running the event and Dean for hosting at Clockwork! Enjoy some pics of yesterday's event.

My first game vs Josh and his Circle

Eric's Khador

Will's Circle vs Tim's Legion

John's Khador vs Pat's Cryx

Andrew's Protectorate vs Dan's Legion

Tim's Legion vs Josh's Circle

Andrew's Protectorate vs Eric's Khador

My third game vs Jose's Cryx