Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Scars of Caen: Charsaug League

     Last year Privateer Press offered the three seasons of Machinations league organized play. My LGS and pressganger organized two of those seasons and I painted  and played a lot in the first season, Umbra. I didn't really set out with any kind of intention to win but I was doing pretty well with my game points and was doing some painting as well. About half way through I thought I could really have a chance at winning if I can get some more painting done. So, I crammed a bunch of painting into a short amount of time but ultimately lost the league by 3 points.
     This year Privateer Press has put together the Scars of Caen seasons and we just finished up the first season, Charsaug at my LGS, Clockwork Comics in Orange, CT. This year the league was setup so that players chose one of two different league factions, Purist or Opportunist, each with it's own different benefits and rituals (league point bonuses for completing various goals throughout the league). I went with Purist and formulated my plan for completing rituals. I also planned out my purchases ahead of time and made a strategy for maximizing my painting points and being sure to have all my models assembled and ready for paint on day 1 of the league. I managed to max out on hobby points minus the 12 points (4 pts per model) that were available for painting 3 huge base models. Here's the breakdown of what I painted over the course of the league plus a couple extra models that couldn't count towards hobby points.


Heavy Warbeast/jack
Avatar of Menoth

Light Warbeast/jack

Units: 4 or less
Gobbers Crew
Aiyana & Holt
Black Frost Shard

Units: 5 or more
min. Errants
min. Forge Guard
Ogrun Warspears

Spell Martyrs x3


     I estimate I spent around 80-90 hours assembling and painting. Between being committed to playing my games every week and all the painting I was able to rack up 147 league points and win the league for Purists and overall league points as well. I had a really great time participating in the league and I want to thank my wife for letting me take all that time painting and spending a bunch of our cash on models. I also want to thank our local Pressganger, Andrew for organizing and running the league.

And finally here's a pic of all the models I painted up over the course of the league.

 For those who've been following the progress of my Avatar conversion, this is a teaser as the model is painted to a table top standard but I will be taking my time putting the finishing touches on it and several other models before I call them "finished", properly photograph them, and post them up here.