Sunday, December 14, 2014

Crypt Horrors Alternative Models/Conversion WIP

All us Vampire Counts players know how awesome Crypt Horrors are in game but they are seriously expensive models. A box of 3 models will run you $50 and that's getting them on ebay for much cheaper than retail. I just cannot justify that kind of expense for only a few models and I would want to field them in units of 6-10 so that's looking at $150. Um, no thanks. A lot of people use Ogre models and other solutions for their Crypt Horrors and like many others I had planned on going with Ogre models myself as you can get a box of 6 for about $30 - $35 on ebay. Then it occurred to me, Ogres!, Ogrun! as in Ogrun Warspears from the Hordes 2 player battle box. They are about the right size, are awesome models, and are dirt cheap. 
Here's a WIP shot of the 5 CH I'm working on at the moment. I think they work nicely as Crypt Horrors with the spears removed and a few "accessories".

I actually already had a unit for my Legion of Everblight army that I got when I bought the 2 player battle box last year but they are painted and being used as intended.
Now, you could buy the warspears models for about $20- $25 by themselves but with a little bit of buying and reselling you can get them for next to nothing.

Hordes 2 Player Battle Box $70 on Ebay
Sell the mini rulebook for $15
the Circle and Legion battlegroups  for $20 each
The Skinwalkers for $20

That's $75 and after ebay/paypal fees taken out the warspears I've kept cost about $5. I'll be getting another 2 player battle box at some point solely for another 5 of these models.