Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Machinations League: Anomaly 2v2 35pts Trolls/Legion vs PoM/PoM

     Played a ridiculously long but fun team game last night for our Machinations league at Clockwork Comics. This matchup had Andrew (aka Dr. Tan) and I teaming up with our Protectorate forces to take on Dan and Tim with their Legion and Trolls forces.  It was a very long and super grindy game that lasted close to 5 hours  that saw the demise of many models. By the end there was not much left on the table but casters/locks, the book, a few trolls, a gator or two, and a couple legion beasts (pThagrosh brought back his Typhon with his feat). It was anybody's game right up until the end but we eventually called the game after my caster (Reznik)  fell and there was little hope of Intercessor Kreoss taking care of the remaining enemy forces. We were playing the first season scenario that did not have a win condition other than caster kill. After the game we all agreed that in a 2v2 game, there needs to be a scenario victory option and that it would be a good idea to probably just play 15 or 25 pts or use a timer. Regardless it was a fun game even if it was long winded.