Friday, May 3, 2013

The Covenant of Menoth

     Took about a month away from gaming and haven't played Warmachine or painted lately. I have several solos sitting around waiting to be painted. I picked these up after the last Machinations League with the bit of store credit I received for finishing second. I picked up Gorman, Rhupert, Reclaimer, Covenant of Menoth, and Monolith Bearer. I decided to start with The Covenant of Menoth first mostly because I needed to paint it in pieces before assembling it on the base. That just means I can't play with it until I finish painting it. For the rocky hill I used Sculpy and used a pitted rock to texture it before throwing it in the oven. The Covenant bearer is the first Protectorate model I've bothered to paint the eyes. Anyway, I'm looking forward to painting solos for a little while rather than units as I feel I can concentrate on one model from start to finish and enjoy the process a little more than painting one color on 10 models before moving on.
     On another note, this past week my blog reached over 1000 views! Thanks to everyone who's shown interest.