Monday, December 16, 2013

Custom Miniature Transport Case

     I've never liked the idea of foam carrying bags for my miniatures so when I had to face the inevitable dilemma of transporting my miniatures, I decided to magnetize everything and use a custom made case.I seriously considered just dropping the cash on a Tablewar case as they ARE beautiful and nicely functional but they cost a small fortune. Below is what I've settled on and works beautifully.

I used this case (pictured below) for about a year and a half without any major problems. I made it from a case that housed a Ridgid palm sander at one time and a bit of sheet metal. However, I've never been completely satisfied with this solution and have been ever on the lookout for something better.

     Recently I stumbled across the containers shown below at Target. They are only $8 each! I promptly bought two (which is four actual containers) and took them home to see if I could make them work for my purposes. After brainstorming a little I decided they were worthy and got started.

Here's a pic of the packaging in case anyone wanted to look them up for themselves.

Basically I just made a paper template of the inside shape of the containers and used it to cut some sheet metal to shape. I painted it black and then glued it to the bottom of the container.

A few of my models like Harbinger are a little too tall to fit into one container so I cut half of the bottom of a second container out so models could pass into the height of the container on top.

I use one container to carry all my accessories

And here it is with all my Protectorate models ready to go

Plenty of room for expansion. I'll probably pick up some more of these containers for future models.

My upcoming Legion army

       I used the case for the first time this week and I'm very pleased with it