Thursday, February 27, 2014

Finally took the plunge (Raphael 8404 series brushes)

    Over the last couple of years, especially the last year I've really started to get into painting. My skill level has increased pretty significantly over the past year as I've gotten more and more experience and I decided it was time that I stepped up to some proper high quality brushes. Many of the top painters for years swear by the Winsor & Newton Series 7 and more recently the Raphael 8404 series. After a lot of research and reading reviews on the Internet I settled on Raphael's 8404 series brushes and I went with just a #2 and #0. The first thing I noticed was how large a #2 brush really is but the point it holds is fantastic and after using them for the past few weeks, I love them! They are really making my painting easier and even a little quicker. They may be somewhat expensive; they cost me about $35 for the two but they are definitely worth it!