Friday, August 22, 2014

Dark Angels: Belial Conversion

I've had my hands in a bit of everything these past weeks. Recently spent some time getting the remainder of my space marines models assembled and some conversion work done. For the Dark Angels special character, Belial I used the sergeant model from the Dark Vengeance Terminators which is an awesome model by itself and could easily stand in as Belial without any work at all. However, I decided that guys like Belial just don't wear helmets. I had a few space marine bits lying around including a few tac squad sergeant heads and thought one of them would do nicely as Belial. Unfortunately the helmet and entire front of the Dark Vengeance Terminator sergeant model is all one piece so a simple head swap was out of the question. I ground as much material away (not much) as I could with my dremel and took to the xacto to do the rest. Once I got the helmet material completely removed I filled in any gaps with a bit of putty and then put the new head in place. Here's the end result and a side by side comparison with the original model sans the decorative wings I cut off so Belial would stand out from the other sergeant model.