Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Vampire Counts: Grave Guard

Had these finished for a little while now but I ran into a pretty bad frosting problem when clear coated them and had to go back and apply a solid coat of gloss by brush followed by a coat of matte by brush. That solved most of the problem and they look okay now. Anyway, nothing crazy going on here. Basecoats and a brown dip applied by brush, then matte finished. I'm using Mantic's Revenant models for my Grave Guard. I'm not in love with the models but they're not bad I have 40 of them so I'm using them.

I also made a banner for the standard bearer. I basically just took an image, in this case from the 7th edition VC army book, changed the size of the image and then printed it out in black and white on regular printer paper. I then painted over the image very carefully, washed it thinly in seraphim sephia, put a couple coats of gloss finish on the front and back followed by matte finish for durability and strength. Finally, I just cut it out with an xacto knife, painted the newly exposed white edges, and glued it to the standard.