Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Legion: Typhon Conversion

I've always thought the model for Typhon was pretty cool looking but when put next to other heavy beasts in the faction he looked pretty small and puny. I've long planned to do a Typhon conversion utilizing the Legion heavy beast kit as the base. I've been playing a lot of Vayl 1 the past few months and like so many other Vayl lists, Typhon seems to fit very well into her game plan. I've recently been able to carve out enough time to do the conversion I had in mind and get the model painted. I did a repose on the left leg similar to what I've done on previous heavy beasts. I used the Ravagore arms, reposing the right arm to make the model a little more dynamic. Finally, three Carnivean heads finish the model off and give the character beast a much more ferocious and intimidating look in my opinion.