Thursday, July 25, 2013

Airbrush and Compressor on the Cheap

     I'm pretty behind on my blog posting and I'm trying to get caught up a little. Over the last several months I started using an airbrush to do my basecoating for all my miniatures. Last year I had picked up a cheap airbrush at Harbor Freight with the intention of trying it out. Couldn't really go wrong for $9.
     It sat in its box for a good year before I finally broke it out to try. I actually didn't own an air compressor but was borrowing a friend's. After properly thinning my paints with windex, the airbrush works quite well for the most part and I've since basecoated several dozen miniatures with it by now. I won't probably be doing much detail work with it as it's not THAT good but for what I need it for, it's perfect.
     Well, I couldn't hold on to my friend's compressor forever and it wasn't ideal anyway as its a pancake compressor meant for nail guns and what not. Compressors are expensive and I'd been eyeballing and airbrush compressor that Harbor Freight had for $65. I had a coupon and picked it up finally for about $50! Not bad!

      Used it for the first time and had a hell of a time figuring out why I wasn't getting paint through my brush. So, the compressor came with a decent coil hose and what ended up being the problem was the little rubber o ring inside the hose end housing was compressing down too much when screwed onto the airbrush and it was blocking most of the air coming through the hose from the compressor. Once I got that sorted out, it works very well, is pretty quiet, and maintains good air pressure. It controls paint flow SO much better than the construction compressor I was using. I might actually be able to do some more detailed work with my airbrush now.