Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dwarf Warriors (Mantic Dwarf Ironclad)

     It's hard for me to stay focused on one thing right now. I got a good start into my Space Marines and now I'm painting some Dwarfs. And the worst part?, I'll probably work on some undead after these guys are finished. Or maybe I'll go back to Space Marines. Ahhhh, miniature painting ADD!
     Well, last spring I purchased Mantic's Kings of War 2 player set. I painted up most of the Undead half but haven't touched the Dwarf half until now. Got a chance to use my new compressor to basecoat them all in enchanted blue. SMURFS!!!

Warhammer Fantasy uses so many models that I just can't bear to spend ridiculous amounts of time painstakingly painting each model to a high standard, so I will be going the base coat, dip, dullcote, done route for these guys. Here is the initial test model first shown simply basecoated and then dipped and matte varnish applied.