Friday, January 18, 2013

A Little Conversion

     I received this as one of my Christmas gifts this year but I made myself finish my choir models first before starting in on this one. I've pledged to myself to only play with painted models this year and also to  not purchase anymore Warmachine/Hordes models until what I have is painted. Well now that my choir is done, I'm getting a start on this. I decided to spend some extra time on this model and do a bit of converting. Nothing major but my plans are to do a minor repose and to extend the height of the jack in the mid section to make it a bit taller.

The plan was to modify one leg to make it straight instead of both legs being bent and the jack completely squatted. 

After cutting the one leg, I removed material that was facing back at an angle.

Next, using some spare plastic I fashioned a piece to straighten out the leg's stance.

Finally, I pinned it with some brass rod to give me a little more freedom to mock it up before gluing it in place as well as some added strength.

The finished piece next to the other leg