Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Magnetizing and Getting Ready for Paint

     To attach the jack to the base I pinned everything together. I added some material to the bottom of the base so the brass rod had something to "hold on" to. The bases themselves are just too thin to support anything.

     I ended up making a cast of a Man O War shocktrooper shield to use instead of the shoulder pad I previously had. I wanted the wrecked shocktrooper to appear half buried in dirt and debris, so I needed to add some height to the ground to bury and partially cover some of the shocktrooper. I tried out jb weld this summer for this kind of application and it worked pretty good and it kind of self levels and smooths itself out; so, it's easy to work with.

     I magnetized all the arms so it can function as a Sanctifier, Reckoner, or Castigator. It was a little tricky finding a neutral place to put the magnet into the shoulder so that all the arms for the three jacks could have a good pose to them. I ended up heating up one Castigator arm in hot water in order to bend it a little to achieve a better pose. In the pick below you can see where I inserted magnets and also I'm using a small pin with a hole drilled in the torso to help properly position the hoses on the Castigator arms.

     Here's some pics with it in it's three different forms.I also added some sand and grit to the base.

     And finally all ready for primer! This will be my first model that I've painted in pieces prior to assembly. It's not always necessary but it can make it easier for getting paint to areas that would have been difficult with it fully assembled plus there are already 3 sets of arms and three heads. Next post I should have some updated pics with some paint on it!