Sunday, January 20, 2013

Continuing Work on My Warjack

     Now that the leg modification is finished, time to move on to the height extension of the mid section. I didn't document this process as well, but I ended up using plastic from a sprue and some milliput to give the basic height structure. Then, I trimmed back the pipes/struts/hoses or whatever you want to call them, drilled down into where they come out of the pelvic area, and extended them using brass rod. I'm hoping once its all together it will look good. I left the brass rod extended past the plastic so I can drill into the bottom of the torso piece to help secure the brass rod in place and give the model strength. You also might notice that the model is going to be standing on the torso of a wrecked Man O War Shocktrooper. I did a cast of the plastic MOW pieces using instant mold and milliput.  If you haven't heard of instant mold, check it out; it's really neat stuff. This is my first try at using instant mold and milliput. Took me some trial and error but it came out good enough to work as a wrecked shocktrooper.

     Here is the model mocked up with the torso drilled and attached. I think it will turn out looking just fine.